What do you desire most in life?
4-Day In-Person Summit
Plato's Summit
4-Day In-Person Summit
An intentional and transformative deep-dive into your healing through the greater activation of your Choice and Attention.

You will leave this transformative and immersive experience with a greater ability to experience more of what you want in life- mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, physically, and professionally.
This program is a container of celebration and expression in community. We will move, heal, cry, laugh, dance, and fully express what needs to be expressed so you can move forward in the next developmental good way in your life, with a elevated sense of wholeness, and an increased ability to make authentic choices and author your life.

We invite you to treat yourself to the life you want most and learn to better create life with the preciousness it deserves.

Our 4-day In-Person Plato's Summit is filled with transformative experiences, tools, workshops, flow, and real conscious connections designed to help you propel your life forward into an experience of more love for yourself and life itself.

This is the safe space where you can discover and heal your unique patterns and blind spots and remove the obstacles that block your capacity to thrive and expand. Through this work, you will gain clear values, a heart-centered purpose, and the ability to relate to your life developmentally, so you have the ability to create and choose how you act and interact with life from a place of truth, empowerment, and rapport.

Think of this Summit as the once a year conscious gathering that gives you the tools you need to take your life to that next level of expression and fulfillment.
At Plato's Academy we look at your life holistically, as a web of interconnected systems. All of the material we share is designed to help elevate the entirety of that web, and during this program ALL of you is welcome, appreciated, and respected.

For our 4-Day Plato's Summit, we've curated over 25 years of experience to offer you the most effective and impactful tools and modalities that will make you the author of your life. Through this work you will receive world-class curriculum in a fun and interactive way, which can be directly applied in your life and create the actual change you need to experience more of what you want. Some of our core themes include:

  • Flow States
  • Safety, Belonging & Working with your Nervous System
  • Authentic Values, Purpose & Mission
  • Choice, Belief, Identity, & Human Levels of Learning
  • Ancestral Healing Work
  • Healing up - guilt & innocence - and -shame & blame- paradigms
  • Developmental Leadership
  • Expanding and Healing Beliefs and Patterns
  • Authentic Creative Expression
  • Spiritual Development
  • Breathwork
  • Health & Wellness
  • Harmonious Relationship with Self & Nature

Plato's Summit is an intimate and expansive offering for Plato's Academy Alumni. You must have completed Plato's Lab or Plato's Academy to apply to this program. If you have not completed Plato's Academy you can sign up for it here: http://theplatosacademy.com/academy

The format of our 4-Day Summit includes:

  • Opening & Closing Calls with Facilitators
  • In-Person Summit for 4 days
  • Embodied Workshops
  • Flow Activities
  • Change Work
  • Healing Modalities
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Group Discussions
  • Guided active time in the breathtaking nature of Lake Tahoe
  • Access to Guest Facilitator
  • Catered food during our Flow Days

Please note that lodging and transportation are not included.

    The tuition of this program is:
    $3,500 Early Bird
    $4,000 paid in full
    $4,500 payment plan (with a $1000 deposit)

    ***Please note that lodging and transportation are not included.

    BIPOC & Trans scholarships available. (Apply for a scholarship through the link)

    Each Plato's Academy donates at least 5% of its profits to indigenous communities around the world.
      ~Healing can be more natural and easeful than you might think~
      ~Unimaginable happiness is awaiting you~
      • Tyler Rivenbark
        Co-Founder & Lead Facilitator
        Change Work & Trauma Healing
        Business Strategy & Foresight
      • Frida Ticehurst Rivenbark
        Co-Founder & Lead Facilitator
        Creative Expression & Living Your Purpose
        Medicine Woman
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