What do you desire most in life?
6-Month Academy
Plato's Academy
6-Month Academy
Plato's Academy is an intentional and transformative deep-dive into your healing through the greater activation of your Choice and Attention.

Are you ready to make the leap from someone who lives within the conditioned limits of your education, upbringing, and social and professional life to your natural state of growth, expansion and creativity?

If the answer is "Yes!", we can help.

In our fast-paced and hyper-stimulated world, we have been conditioned to run in circles, to meet the needs of social and economic systems that are designed to work in a constant state of disconnection from the most meaningful and most important human needs. We have learned to numb and ignore our own personal Truth.

We invite you to authentically ask yourself:
What would I like?
What does my life look and feel like when I honor my values, purpose, and mission?
What do I truly want to do with this precious and sacred life journey?
And, how can I step into a more courageous and compassionate stance of leadership?

If the answers to these questions inspire or trigger something in you, then Plato's Academy may be exactly right for you.

This is the safe space where you can discover and heal your unique patterns and blind spots and remove the obstacles that block your capacity to get to that next level of thriving mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and physically.

Through this work you will receive world-class curriculum in a fun and interactive way. You will gain clear values, a heart-centered purpose, and the ability to relate to your life developmentally. We've curated over 25 years of experience to offer you the most effective and impactful tools and modalities.

Some of our core themes and modalities include:

  • 1
    Neurolinguistics &
    Transpersonal Psychology
  • 2
    Safety, Belonging &
    Nervous System Resourcing
  • 3
    Flow States
  • 4
    Choice, Belief, Identity, &
    Human Levels of Learning
  • 5
    Values, Purpose, & Mission
  • 6
    Ancestral Healing Work,
    Family Systems, &
    Attachment Styles
  • 7
    Healing up - guilt & innocence -
    and -shame & blame- paradigms
  • 8
    Developmental Leadership
  • 9
    Creative Expression
  • 10
    Spirituality without Dogma
  • 11
    Breathwork as Medicine
  • 12
    Health, Wellness, Movement, & Deepening your relationship
    with Nature
The format of our 6-Month Academy includes:

  • 14 Live Virtual Group Weekly Sessions from 4-6 pm PST via Zoom.
  • Regular & Consistent 1:1 Mentorship calls with facilitators.
  • 1 Full Session with each Facilitator
  • 1 Day Healing Ceremony (additional $300)
  • In-person Flow Day in Lake Tahoe
  • Recordings from each session
  • 2-week integration break

The total duration of this program is about 6 months from the time we start until we close with our Flow Day.
After the 6-month academy is complete you are automatically enrolled in our continued support community. For $500 a month, you will receive:
  • Monthly Community Call
  • Continued access to support and guidance via chat/text
  • Discounts for any future program
  • Ability to cancel subscription at any moment (full details through enrollment)

You can request a Plato's Academy for your organization, team, or corporation. Just send us a message!
    • Deep healing with their family of origin and relations
    • Found the love of their lives and long-term partner. And one couple even got married by the facilitators!
    • Increased income to highest earning year of their lives
    • Found their purpose
    • Made a successful career transition into more enjoyable work
    • Successfully navigated organizational politics and received a promotion
    • Healed emotionally driven illnesses
    • Started a family
    • Started a new company
    • Found a business partner
    • Gained greater rapport with themselves, other selves, and life itself
    • Healed addictions
    • Received 1:1 integration support from medicine ceremonies and dietas
    • Improved their experience and way of relating with friendships that is more supportive, honest, loving, and kind
    • Gained greater personal power, ability to choose, and experience more of what they want in their life

    These are some of the results that have been made available to the participants' menu of experiences, adding more choices, and opportunities to experience the vastness of life's blessings through the work of this program.
    We keep or cohorts small and intimate, so if you are ready to join us we encourage you to apply and reserve your spot.
    Total of $5,500
    Full Payment Now

    Then $500/month to stay in our community and continued 1:1 support

    Save $980 !
    Payment Plan
    $1,080/month x 6 months
    Total of $6,480

    Then $500/month to stay in our community and continued 1:1 support

    BIPOC & Trans scholarships available. (Apply for a scholarship through the link)
    Each Plato's Academy Summit donates at least 5% of its profits to indigenous communities around the world.

    This is your opportunity to invest in yourself, which is big medicine, and see that investment return back to you in unimaginable ways.
    Making this investment is a celebration of your choice, so congrats on choosing to do this work for yourself.
      ~Healing can be more natural and easeful than you might think~
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