Plato's Academy Summit is a 4-day experience dedicated to your
personal transformation and up-leveling.

Our 4 days are packed with a world-class curriculum, practices,
tools, guest speakers, workshops,
and more to support you in creating
more of the life you want for yourself.


SEP 22-25 + OCT 14 2021

Plato's Academy Summit is here to help you create a life full of purpose where you are the author of your reality. Making more of the choices that you want, embracing your purpose to the next level, living your mission from a place of empowerment and ease, and more importantly, being happy in your present state.

We are beyond excited to finally come together in person for this 3-day immersive personal transformation summit in beautiful Lake Tahoe.

* Dates might be subject to change due to COVID and postponed to a later time. No matter what we will find proper times to meet in person.

    If you are someone that is wanting:

    • More happiness in your current present state
    • To be seen and celebrated doing what you love
    • A soul family and supportive community
    • To heal past trauma that blocks your full potential and shed old narratives
    • Transformative tools & practices that help you live your purpose + mission
    • Clarity around your choices, values, purpose + mission in your life
    • A greater sense of safety, freedom, & worth within yourself
    • To expand your identity and what you belong to
    • To create a positive and expansive relationship with yourself and life itself
    • Focused personal time to develop your next personal or career steps
    • To feel empowered in creating a life you love living

    Then this program is designed for you. Plato's Academy Summit will help you undergo the change you need to experience more of what you want in life in a good way. We look at your life holistically and developmentally to help you create the shifts, structures, and upgrades in areas of your life that need tending so that you can flourish to your next level.
    and more surprises along the way!
    This is your invitation to invest in YOURSELF.
    So, what do you want more of in your life?
    Tyler Rivenbark
    Trauma Healing
    Art & Design
    Business Strategy & Foresight
    Frida Ticehurst-Rivenbark
    Creative Expression
    Art & Sustainability
    Medicine Woman
    Yes, that is right, we are husband and wife co-facilitating Plato's Academy. Plato's Academy was created from a place of desire to share all of the tools, techniques, and practices that have supported us in the creation of a life that we love as we are both fully committed to our personal growth and development. We put a lot of love and effort into this program as a way to support our community to confidently choose what they want for their lives, and create more freedom through choice. Now we are growing, and we invite you to join our community.
    Thom Walters
    Guest Facilitator
    Developmental Psychology
    Behavioral Science
    Cultural Anthropology
    Janet DeHeart
    Community Support
    Somatic Healing
    Holistic Therapy
    Colleen Quen
    Qi Gong Master
    Creative Expression
    Art & Design
    Alicia Nicole
    Sound Healing
    Body Work
    Embodiment Activation

    Pay in full before August 20th and get a $1,000 discount. Total of $5,000

    2. PAY IN FULL
    Get a $500 discount if you pay the full tuition upfront after August 20th. Total of $5,500

    3. MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN OF $3000/month for 2 months
    Total of $6,000

    BIPOC or Trans scholarships are available. Please submit your application through the "Scholarship" button.

    *Each Plato's Academy Summit donates 5% of its profits to indigenous communities around the world. 5 % of our profits will go directly to the Rose Bud Reservation in South Dakota for our September 2021 Summit.

    This is your opportunity to invest in yourself, which is big medicine, and see that investment return back to you in unimaginable ways. Making this investment is a celebration of your choice, so congrats on choosing to do this work for yourself.

    If you are ready to claim your full power and experience it in your life, this program is for you. Plato's Academy celebrates and welcomes you. Please finish your application through the link below:
    We are excited to go on this epic journey with you!

    With Gratitude,
    Plato's Academy Team
    Have any questions?

    Check our FAQs below or book an inquiry call with our
    enrollment team.
    What's the timeline?
    Plato's Academy Summit dates are September 23rd-26th 2021
    We will meet on-site on September 23rd at 12pm and start our journey together.
    Accommodation is only provided for those dates, if you need accommodation to stay longer in Tahoe and need help with that, let us know!

    Our pre-call and post-call dates will be shared with you once your enrollment is complete, yet you can expect the following timeline:
    Pre Mentorship Call- Early September
    Post Community Call- Mid October
    Post Mentorship Call- Late October

    What is the lodging accommodation offered?
    The Summit will take place at a beautiful location in Lake Tahoe.
    You will have your own bed on-site and plenty of space for all your things.
    For couples- make sure you let us know you are joining with your partner so we accommodate you accordingly.

    Accommodation is only provided for the dates of the Summit, if you need accommodation to stay longer in Tahoe and need help with that, let us know!
    What does my tuition cover?
    The tuition covers the full experience of Plato's Academy Summit, which includes:

    4-Day Summit in Lake Tahoe
    Accommodation for 4 days and 3 nights
    Delicious + Organic Catered Food
    Direct access to the facilitators + 1:1 mentorship calls (before and after the Summit)
    Wold-class curriculum + Plato's Academy Toolkit
    Access to the full Plato's Academy network and community for life
    Virtual Community Portal Access
    Epic Gift Bag with amazing goodies

    and more surprises along the way!
    Can I do Plato's Academy with my partner or friends?
    YES! We honor the love birds that co-create their magic and offerings together and the communities that do the work together.
    Plato's Academy can be done with your partner or friends, and it is a wonderful way to deepen and uplevel your relationship and creations.

    If you are joining us with your partner, let us know so we accommodate you together.
    Is there a payment plan?
    Yes. Firstly, we would like to remind you that you are powerful enough to manifest the program tuition and any investment for that matter.

    If you need a different payment plan please email us at

    Why do I need to apply & how do I reserve my spot?
    To reserve your spot, please submit an application first. You can do that here.
    We require that everyone submits an application to ensure deep connections among everybody joining. Plato's Academy Summit is a transformative experience, and by taking the time to apply and sharing information about yourself with us, we ensure that everyone is fully committed to this upleveling and joins the summit with authentic intentions and a real presence.
    Once you send the application and it is reviewed, we will send you further information to finish your enrolment and start preparing for the Summit.

    Do you have more questions? Send them to us using the form below.
    Questions or Comments