What do you desire most in life?
2-Day Intensive
Plato's Lab
2-Day Intensive
An intentional and transformative deep-dive into your healing through the greater activation of your Choice and Attention.

This is a short but mighty 2-day interactive Lab where we will share powerful Change Work, World-Class Curriculum, and Interactive Exercises in community. What you are going to do in 2 days, in other situations could take 3 months, or more!
~Healing can be more natural and easeful than you might think~
Plato's Academy is a community of greatness, activation, higher learning, spiritual development, and a creative business incubator dedicated to giving you the tools and healing you need to live a more spacious, happy, and fulfilled life. A life where your true nature is expressed and you are able to treat life with the preciousness it deserves.

In our 2-day Plato's Lab you will receive powerful Change Work that will support you in welcoming and experiencing more of what you want in life.
You will be able to choose and focus in one area of your life, yet, at Plato's Academy, we look at your life holistically. As a web of interconnected systems, therefore, working in one area or aspect of your life will support the expansion and growth of all.

This Lab centers around the question: What Would You Like?
Followed by Change Work and Workshops that will support a greater ability for you to choose what you want in life, and heal any blocks or limitations so you can fully receive and experience it.
This container is a short and sweet space for you to receive valuable tools and modalities that support your human life experience.
Some of our core themes for this program include:

  • Safety, Belonging & Working with your Nervous System
  • Choice, Belief, Identity, & Human Levels of Learning
  • Healing up - guilt & innocence - and -shame & blame- paradigms
  • Ancestral Healing Work
  • Healing Limiting Beliefs and Patterns
  • Spiritual Development
  • Creative Expression
  • Breathwork

Plato's Lab is a fantastic warm up and preparation to our 6-month Academy and 4-day Summit.

We meet for 2 days from10am to 5pm PST with breaks in between.
This is a dynamic and active Lab. You will not just be sitting down, you will be receiving this valuable work in an embodied and active way.
You will also have access to the recordings of the program.

You can request a Plato's Lab for your organization, team, or corporation- both virtual and in-person.
We believe that now more than ever, we are invited to prioritize to heal and elevate in community.
      The tuition of this program is:
      $888 paid in full
      $1,000 payment plan split in 2

      All Labs need a minimum of 10 people per team.

      BIPOC & Trans scholarships available. (Apply for a scholarship through the link)

      Each Plato's Academy Program donates at least 5% of its profits to indigenous communities around the world.

      Making this investment is a celebration of your choice, so congrats on choosing to do this work for yourself.
        ~Unimaginable happiness is awaiting you~
        • Tyler Rivenbark
          Co-Founder & Lead Facilitator
          Change Work & Trauma Healing
          Business Strategy & Foresight
        • Frida Ticehurst Rivenbark
          Co-Founder & Lead Facilitator
          Creative Expression & Living Your Purpose
          Medicine Woman
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