It's time to step forward into the new reality that beckons you from within. To bring your gifts to the world in a way that only you are capable of and experience your greatest life. Plato's Academy Summit is a 4-day, in person personal transformation experience with a community of empowered Change Makers that come together to receive and experience powerful change in their life. The structure of this program is designed to help you experience more of what you want in life. Bring your brilliance forward in a way that's sustainable, abundant, and aligned. Your unimaginable life is on its way.

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"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."
Through our program we explore different themes to help you where you are at. Everyone's journey is different, and by having a community of people who believe and support you, challenges become opportunities & dreams become your reality. Our program is unique because of the powerful Change Work modalities we use, and our focus on your personal desires. We believe that what you create in the world, is impacted by the place you create from, so if you are ready to invest in yourself, this program is for you.
Some of the main themes we explore are:

  • Shifting Core Beliefs & Identity
  • Resolving Unconscious Blocks + Patterns
  • More Choice & Freedom in your Life
  • Improved Relationship with Money
  • Personal + Professional Development
  • Support & Accountability
  • Navigating Growth with Uncertainty
  • Authentic Expression
  • Empowered Communication
  • The Art of Negotiation
  • Health, Breath & Holistic Life Fulfilment
4-Day Summit
Starting September 23rd-26th 2021
Lake Tahoe
1:1 Mentorship
1:1 Mentorship calls
One full Change Work Session
Hot Seats
Shorter Change Work in calls
24/7 online channel for Networking & Resources
Currated Container
Curated community of Change Makers
Powerful Change Work Frameworks & Methods
Breath Work
Guest Speakers
Direct access to Facilitators
And more surprises along the way!
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